Why an app?

Did you know Ireland has the highest penetration of mobile internet users anywhere in Europe, North and South America?

Source: http://connector.ie/

percent of over 25s access the internet mostly by smartphone
hours per week is the average time spent online on a mobile device

Mobile apps provide a simple and cost-effective way of sharing information that is accessible at the touch of a button any time.

Unlike other means of communication; email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter, the Lettertec app gives your school control over the delivery of your content. From everyday information and reference to important alerts. Everything is accessible instantly in a dedicated channel designed and branded for you with no clutter or distractions.

You choose the features


Notifications are free to send and can be sent automatically to all or groups of users


Events and holidays that can be updated automatically in the background


Map with navigation and contact details for trips, amenities, and away games etc.


Multiple newsfeeds that can be separated from the main app allowing Parents Council, TY or departments to publish content independently

Social Media

Links to your social media accounts


Post photos directly to the app alone or gather automatically from Facebook or Flickr


Create your own video channel full of educational content selected from YouTube


Contact pages with email and call buttons or add forms or surveys


The app can be linked to your existing website to notify parents when there is an update or news article


Any section of the app can be made private requiring either registration or granted access


Parents can register to access private sections via email or simply logging in with Facebook


Easy access to important documents and policies

We build your app

How it works

Your school app is setup to meet your requirements and many features can be automated to gather information from existing sources such as your website, blog, Google Calendar, Facebook page etc.

When the app content is updated, it can then send a push notification to the users.

The backend dashboard also gives you a full preview of the app (on iPhone, iPad and Android phones) and access to statistics and user information. Should you decide to use the app independently of any external services/websites etc., we have provided a dedicated support website full of user guides, "how to" articles and a support ticketing system.


You can also use our app's internal CMS (content management system) to publish updates or articles, add photos or videos and send them directly to your app. This ensures your message is received and accessible with no distractions.

Create an update article and choose when to publish it, immediately or at a later date and time. Once published all app users can receive a push notification to alert them to the update.

Your app users can also decide which categories they are subscribed to, and opt-out from notifications that are not relevant.